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+Happy Holiday+ From Your Guardians by CIAE13 +Happy Holiday+ From Your Guardians by CIAE13
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Merry Christmas from the gang of Rise of the Guardians! I hope you all have a happy holiday this year. Sorry Jakie, it seems that Toothiana is the star of this piece. Ha ha.

This is human-form Toothiana, as I imagined her. I've always thought she would be a brunette ever since I first saw her in the trailer. I took reference of her human design from this picture [ [link] ] which looks fabulous by the way. To anyone who made this picture, you my friend are a genius. Jack Frost is the little snowman who she's leaning on, and I drew Bunnymund's mark on the egg-shaped-pendant-thing. The snow globe itself relates to Santa, I think you can tell that too, and instead of white puffy snow I add golden sand to finish the piece. Beside the snow flakes, the sand was definitely easy as hell and was very fun to do.

Okay, so, it's a long time since I drew something digital. I meant, I haven't properly drawn anything since the exams started except for sketches and silly icons in my books- which I am pretty sure you won't want to see. But I'm quite happy with the result, especially the color palette which is extremely hard to make but it came out not so bad at all. On top of that, I finished it in time.

Uhm, well, I did, right?

Anyway, Christmas happens to be a holiday people don't celebrate (officially) at my place, so I've got no breaks. Instead, I've got a bunch of exams and a whole lot of stuffs to study. School life is hard. Though I do wish for you guys to have a wonderful holiday, again, with presents and best wishes from friends and relatives. Happy Holidays!

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Rise Of the Guardians / Toothiana, Jack Frost, Bunnymund, Santa Clause, Sandy (c) DreamWorks and their rightful owners
Art & Animation (c) *CIAE13
Program used: MS Paint, PTS, PS
Time: 9~12 hours
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Submitted on
December 25, 2012
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